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What is Talent Acquisition?

What is Talent Acquisition?

The Definition of Talent Acquisition

Let’s take a deep dive and discover the answer to the question: what is talent acquisition? 

In the most basic sense, talent acquisition means finding and acquiring candidates who match the needs and standards of the company. Simple, right?! But to find these coveted candidates, we need a team of superheroes who can set up a talent acquisition system with the goal of identifying, assessing and hiring applicants to open positions. This system is stacked with four main talent acquisition solutions: an employer branding strategy, planning resources, the creation of a streamlined talent acquisition process, and a diverse team of employees.

As you can see, the definition of talent acquisition is easy to understand, but a talent acquisition system is a whole different story. It requires targeted work to create, time to develop and refine, and, of course, some cool open positions to attract and acquire the talent to!

Let’s break down the four main talent acquisition solutions:

  1. Employer Branding Strategy: Use a blueprint to attract the best-fit applicants to your company.
  2. Planning Resources: Manage and aim your efforts and capital in the right direction.
  3. Streamlined Talent Acquisition Process: Save time and money recruiting top candidates.
  4. Diverse Workforce: Cultivate a strong and multifaceted team of workers.

In the following segments, we’re going to break down and slice up the core of Talent Acquisition for you and serve it on a drippy, icy, diamond-covered plate.

Talent Acquisition vs. Recruitment

Talent acquisition and recruitment are not two entirely separate things, yet their aims are extremely different. When creating a talent acquisition strategy, the whole idea is to acquire specific and sustainable talent that will last for years to come. While traditional HR talent acquisition or recruitment fills vacancies that will often only last short term, with dedicated talent acquisition solutions in place, the company can use a specific strategy to track down specialists, leaders and future executives. Talk about working for the long haul! Let that sum up the definition of talent acquisition: acquiring sustainable talent. It sounds so very 2021!

Effective Talent Acquisition

Whether it’s the in-house HR department or an external agencyhe most important thing to keep in mind is ensuring the total talent acquisition process and strategy is effective. Aim to create a global talent acquisition strategy that aligns across the entire company and weaves through each department. This way the TA strategy will identify, target and attract the top applicant for the specified position without breaking a sweat!

Talent Acquisition Automation

Three words: Talent. Acquisition. Software. We all know that artificial intelligence sees what the human eye can’t, so recruiters who stay on top of their game know that combining AI and automation features is the foundation of an effective talent acquisition system. By buying or developing total talent acquisition software and tools, you’re able to cut the acquisition time up to 90% and speed up the journey to interview completion by 80%! This means less time spent looking at resumés and more time bonding with the dream candidate. Here’s to an easy, UX-friendly,  visually appealing talent acquisition software!

Talent Acquisition Strategies

Baby steps might sound cute and all, but it requires a big mindset to implement successful talent acquisition solutions. It’s a major project, so take one (baby) step at a time. Start by improving the employer branding strategy, building a positive employer culture, generating a clear workforce plan, and sourcing and filtering talent through a talent acquisition software. Next, analyse the data you’ve gathered in the talent acquisition software to improve the pool of candidates and future recruitments. Finally, schedule daily or weekly acquisition activities and get in that facetime with potential candidates. A successful strategy requires constant ongoing work. You’ve gotta keep everything up to speed!

Grab the mother-load of baby steps right here:

  1. Improve the employer branding strategy.
  2. Build a positive employer branding culture.
  3. Generate a clear workforce plan.
  4. Source and filter talent through talent acquisition software.
  5. Analyse the data from the talent acquisition software.
  6. Schedule daily or weekly acquisition activities.
  7. Network with potential candidates.

In Summary

To send you on your way with all this valuable new knowledge about talent acquisition, let’s freshen up your memory:

  • Talent acquisition is finding and acquiring candidates that match the needs and standards of the company, which is crucial to keeping employees that add value to your company and love doing so in the process.
  • To get this journey started, you need to set up talent acquisition solutions that are customised for your company.
  • Start the setup by saving our “mother-load of baby steps” above. Then check off each step of the list as you smoothly moonwalk your way towards your custom andcustomized, successful talent acquisition solution.

Good luck!