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Uniting Tech and Talent: Recruiter Enablement in 2024!

Uniting Tech and Talent: Recruiter Enablement in 2024!


If you’re in recruitment, our latest live stream is THE way to kick off the new year! 

Adway’s CMO Sara Dalsfelt sat down with Recruiter Enablement trailblazers Holland McCue, Talent Attraction & Recruiter Enablement Strategist, and Adam Gordon, Co-Founder of Poetry, to explore the road from Recruiter Enablement to recruiter empowerment in the age of AI and automation. 

Recruitment is finally moving to the top of the C-Suite agenda, as companies recognise the need for a revolution driven by recruiter enablement and fresh talent strategy.

The topics this trio of gurus covered will help your recruitment team stay stacked with solutions that make them shine in 2024: 

💡 Tech-enabled recruiting efficiency

💡 Building authenticity into your recruitment marketing strategy

💡 Human-centric AI and automation

If you missed the full show, you can catch it right here:

If you want a detailed summary with all the top tips, keep reading. 


Let's redefine how recruiters harness technology to their advantage in 2024!

What Is Recruiter Enablement and Why is it Essential?

According to Adam, the concept Recruiter Enablement was born from the realisation that, in business, most sales teams are equipped with a massive toolkit of training materials, guidelines, strategies and elevator pitch scripts that set them up for success out in the field. 

But where is the equivalent for recruiters? 

After conducting 200+ hours of focus groups, Adam found that most major organisations have a limited number of recruitment marketing materials that can be dusted off from an old shared drive somewhere, but that’s about the extent of the content and tools their recruiters are offered to help them do their jobs.

For many “modern recruiters,” the only resources their employer provides are an ATS, a LinkedIn login, an Indeed license and a telephone. Of course, this simply isn’t going to cut it, so the concept of Recruiter Enablement was born to set recruiters up for success, similar to a traditional sales and marketing team. 

Recruiter Enablement can be broken down into four pillars (MOLT), signifying which materials should be put into recruiters’ hands to help them convert candidates and complete specific tasks: 






How Can Recruiters Spend More Time With Qualified Leads
(And Less Time With Everything Else….)?

Isn’t this the age-old question we keep coming back to? It cuts to the core of what we, as marketers and TA leaders, should be prioritising for our teams. 

By empowering our recruiters, we can remove roadblocks and give them the resources and ecosystems of content, training and tools they need to be the most effective in their roles. 

This enables them to be more efficient and recruit at a higher velocity, which is vital in today’s organisational landscape where workforces are becoming leaner and talent is becoming even trickier to attract. 


Tech-Enabled Recruiting Efficiency

Recruiter Enablement strives to equip recruiters with the resources they need to be effective and eliminate the number of times they search around a particular resource.

Using tech enables leaders to make recruiting assets accessible and manage the process, ensuring your teams aren’t digging around for disjointed information and perpetuating inefficiencies. 

The fewer clicks a recruiter makes to get exactly what they need to complete their task, the better, so it’s important to leverage your tech to feed your recruiters their “need-right-now” information. 

Adway leverages the power of technology to seamlessly integrate your current ATS and Career Page with automated social recruiting and candidate nurturing driven by AI. 

Finally, don’t forget!: Technology alone doesn't solve your challenges. Continuous learning and change management are also required. 


Building Authenticity Into Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy


Enabled recruiters should be integrated into the organisation’s marketing channel and become an inherent part of how it portrays its employer brand. This is why it’s so important to make good use of the authentic skills you hire your recruiters for in the first place, like emotional intelligence and the ability to achieve influence with hiring managers and candidates. 

By equipping recruiters with templated messaging (personas, EVPS, employer branding messages, outreach, etc.) they can deliver to the market and encouraging them to leverage their own unique personalities, you can strike a balance between brand consistency and built-in authenticity in the recruitment marketing process. 


To build in that layer of personalisation in recruiting, you must teach your recruiters how to:

  1. Hone in on the criteria that will help their candidates make a decision.
  2. Identify who the candidate’s fellow “decision-makers,” (i.e. friends, family, partners, etc.) are.
  3. Equip them with the right resources, messaging, strategy and content to share back in those conversations to;
  4. Prime the candidates and their stakeholders into saying “yes” to the job offer at the end. 



Human-Centric AI and Automation


A successful recruitment marketing strategy is capable of breaking down what each recruiter task will cost the organisation in terms of time or ability to derail the recruitment process itself.

So, as you dig deeper into Recruiter Enablement, it’s essential to analyse how much you can actually afford to spend on completing a specific recruiting task, i.e. writing a job ad, creating an assessment, preparing for an interview, etc. 

Recruiters who are bogged down by transitional tasks that can be outsourced or optimised by AI are not being enabled, and they’re certainly not being empowered. To focus on those human-centric tasks, convert more candidates and create more space for value-add activities, recruiters must rely on smarter automation and genAI for repetitive tasks. 

Adway empowers recruiters by elevating the candidate journey at the click of a button — freeing up time for those personalized candidate experiences and converting better quality candidates.



Key Takeaways 

This is where we boil it down, sum it up and serve you what’s most important to digest from today’s session, straight from the mouths of our guests:

  1. Define the relationship between Marketing and Recruiting, understand where they play in the sand together, and determine a regular cadence where they can come together to assess their evolving needs as a function in total. 

  2. You’re already probably doing a lot of what we’re talking about, so audit your current process, aggregate which technologies and content you have available, and be discerning around your current practice. 

  3. Make any asset that is a repeat-use piece of content or collateral available to all, so you avoid duplicate versions of the same resources and double the work. 

  4. Bring as many relevant resources as possible into your recruitment ecosystem. 



Empower Recruiters With Education and Automation 

When empowering your recruiters with the resources they need to succeed, it’s equally if not more important to educate them on discerning when to utilize certain tools or tech and when to be as human-centric as possible. 

With Adway, you don’t have to decide. Our platform empowers recruiters with the products, approaches and integrations the organisation needs to proactively attract talent and deliver a deeply personalised candidate experience that converts your industry’s best people. 

Book a meeting below and let's empower your team of recruiters with smart automation, so they can get back to the human side of recruiting: