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Recruiting on Social Media

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Learn how to

  • Pinpoint where you are in the social media recruiting process
  • Understand the metrics to measure to grow a pool of talent to sustain your business
  • Evaluate whether it’s time to automate the entire process
  • Take your employer brand to market

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About the guide

Social media! Whether you love it or hate it, what’s undeniable is that it is part of our lives in a huge way. That includes the top talent you want to attract.
Top employers know this which is why 82% of employers already use social media to seek out, recruit and engage candidates with outstanding results. Get all you need to know to unlock success recruiting through social media in this guide.

Why is it so important to have a social recruiting strategy?

The number of global social media users currently sits at 4.89 billion users and is set to reach 6 billion by The average user spending a day on a plethora of platforms.
It goes without saying that a social media recruiting strategy is a crucial tool for forward thinking recruiters to attract the right job candidates where they spend their time.