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The importance of sharing your Employer Brand

The importance of sharing your Employer Brand

Think about it: what good is an employer brand if no candidates are seeing or hearing about it? Not only is this an imperative piece of your overarching talent acquisition strategy, but it’s where employers often fall short. Why? Because despite cultivating a powerful and compelling employer brand, many companies fail to share valuable content and spread their message through platforms like social media.  

Over half of the global workforce consists of the digital generation a.k.a. Millennials. When you pair generational demands with today’s advanced technology, recruiting and hiring top talent is more competitive than ever. To attract the modern employee, companies need to focus their efforts on creating and showcasing a strong employer brand. 

The Benefits of Creating an Attractive Online Footprint 

According to Hubspot, “A good employer brand can reduce turnover rates by 28%, and cut your costs-per-hire by half. Additionally, 75% of active job seekers are likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages its employer brand.” In other words, your employer brand has a direct impact on your company’s bottom line. 

Traditional job postings alone are no longer enticing enough to attract top talent. While they remain an important facet of your overall strategy, prospective employees are looking for insight into what it’s truly like to work for your company. By doing so, you’ll effectively recruit more qualified candidates who align with your internal environment and culture. Here are a few examples: 

  • Videos discussing your company culture 
  • Sharing employee testimonials 
  • Speaking about your mission and vision as an organisation to differentiate your value proposition from competitors.  
  • Sharing content from company thought leaders 

  • Speaking about perks, engagement, recognition programs, and similar topics to help you create a compelling digital footprint.  

The war for talent is so fierce that failing to consistently promote your employer brand through meaningful social ad campaigns and tactics will derail your recruiting success and company reputation. 

How Employer Branding Helps Recruitment Efforts 

If the only outlets you’re leveraging to find and recruit candidates are job boards, then you’re limiting your reach to solely active candidates. In today’s competitive landscape, passive candidate recruitment should be a part of your talent acquisition strategy as well. Honing in on your employer brand and sharing what’s unique about your company is how you can effectively target a larger pool of high-quality talent.  

Here’s a closer look at employer branding benefits: 

1. Attract New Candidates 

Posting thought-provoking articles, videos of your internal culture, photos from company events, or quotes from your CEO on social media will capture the attention of individuals who may never have found your job postings otherwise. While having a well-crafted careers page is essential, by sharing the elements that make your employer brand so special on social platforms, you’ll enhance your visibility and convert more high-quality leads.  

2. Nurture Relationships & Build Your Pipeline 

Like many employers, you likely have a few positions you consistently promote in order to construct a pipeline of high-quality candidates. Identifying and engaging talent is not an easy feat, and the last thing you want to do is twiddle your thumbs while a candidate is lured elsewhere. This is where building and nurturing relationships through engaging content becomes an essential piece of a successful recruitment marketing strategy. Through the use of brand-related ads, you’ll entice people to learn more about your company, generating greater traffic to your website and career page. What’s more, with a tracking solution installed on your career site, you can then devise a retargeting ad campaign to reach candidates who have shown an interest in joining your team.  

3. Complement Job Ads with Relevant Content 

Your employer branding strategy functions in a way that’s similar to a marketing funnel. Engaging and nurturing candidates – even as they navigate the interview process – plays a pivotal role in securing candidate interest and ensuring they choose your company over another. A job post alone is not enough to convince a potential applicant to submit their resume. When paired with a compelling and persuasive employer brand campaign on social media, candidates will be able to dive deeper into your company culture and value proposition – leading to a higher conversion rate among your target audience.  

Implementing Tried-And-True Tactics 

There’s often a gap that needs to be bridged between the HR, marketing, and talent acquisition teams. To help devise a cohesive and seamless strategy, many companies elect to partner with an employer branding agency to serve as an extension of their team and take on the role of executing ad campaigns that enhance lead generation and raise conversion rates.  

Employer Branding Importance: Bringing it All Together 

Companies that rely solely on their career page or post on social media sporadically are limiting their employer branding visibility and reach. In order to create a robust talent pipeline, employers need to share their message consistently. Complementing your job postings with employer branding ads will ensure you enjoy a rich pool of high-quality candidates who are engaged and more likely to convert. What will your next employer branding campaign be?