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TA Tech Unboxed: Attract the Best Talent Faster than the Competition

TA Tech Unboxed: Attract the Best Talent Faster than the Competition


In a recent episode of the TA Tech Unbox podcast, our very own Sara Dalsfelt, CMO, and Viktor Nord, co-founder, joined hosts Chris Haslam and Darren Bush to discuss how we are harnessing social media and technology to transform recruitment practices.



Empowering Recruitment with Automation and AI:

Sara shared her personal journey to Adway, highlighting how our targeted advertising initially drew her to the company. This personal experience underscores our core strategy: using automation to streamline recruitment marketing. By automatically extracting job listings from ATS systems and crafting optimized ads for various social platforms, Adway simplifies the recruitment process, making it more efficient and effective.

Viktor elaborated on the genesis and evolution of Adway, tracing back to his early days in recruitment and his transition into tech entrepreneurship. His insights into the challenges of manual recruitment processes led to the development of Adway’s sophisticated platform, designed to seamlessly integrate social media into the talent attraction strategy.

Navigating Industry Challenges with Advanced Solutions:

Throughout the podcast, the discussion ventured into the broader implications of our technology. Despite the powerful capabilities of platforms like LinkedIn, many companies are not fully leveraging the potential of social media in recruitment. Adway aims to bridge this gap, providing tools that not only reach but also engage potential candidates where they spend most of their time—on social media.

Adway’s Vision for the Future of Recruitment:

Looking forward, Adway is set to expand its impact globally, continuously refining our AI to offer even more personalized and effective recruitment marketing solutions. Our goal is not just to keep pace with industry trends but to set them, ensuring our clients can attract the best talent efficiently.

Watch us demo Adway's Talent Attraction Suite here:


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