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Adway's Summer Playbook

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9 reasons summer is a golden recruiting opportunity

And 5 ways to take advantage

• Recruiting on social media
• Breaking free of the organic algorithm
• Taking your social recruitment strategy to the next level

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About the guide

So what’s so special about the summer period? 

Social media usage goes up over the summer months, and dramatically so. Candidates tend to be in a more receptive and reflective mode and are more amenable to reflect on their next career step. When prompted by a well-crafted social media recruitment campaign, recruiter's see more returns on their investment.

We'll show you how to capitalise on this golden opportunity, while sipping an ice-cold drink on the beach.

Why is it so important to have a social recruiting strategy?

The number of global social media users currently sits at 4.89 billion users and is set to reach 6 billion by The average user spending a day on a plethora of platforms.
It goes without saying that a social media recruiting strategy is a crucial tool for forward thinking recruiters to attract the right job candidates where they spend their time.