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Spotted in the wild – Adway headed to the Recruitment Agency Expo

Spotted in the wild – Adway headed to the Recruitment Agency Expo

Adway headed to London’s Excel to attend the UK’s leading recruitment agency event, the Recruitment Agency Expo!

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Flower walls were photobombed, prize wheels were spun and Adway's infamous Purple Prosecco was flowing at the (self-proclaimed), bubbliest stand at the expo. Couldn’t make it? Not to worry here are our top 3 takeaways:

Naturally the number one topic on every recruiter’s lips: Candidate Sourcing

Social media is leading the way with 79% of recruiters saying it’s their number one sourcing tool. That’s ahead of the smaller 22% who cited job boards.

Recruiting expert and CEO of Wave, Dave Jenkins gave a great talk on posting:

Pay transparency is the order of the day, with jobs listed with a salary range receiving 27% more applicants.

Dave’s hot tip: Post on a Tuesday to receive the most amount of applications.

Of course, if you want to take your social recruiting beyond organic reach on social platforms, you need a robust social recruiting campaign. Need a quick crash course in under 5min? Check out our Social Recruiting 101 guide.

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Hot topic number 2: Automation and productivity

Lisa Jones, Director of Barclay Jones hit some high notes here showcasing the state of the industry today: Too many systems, not enough process. Too much data, not enough candidates. Too many opportunities, not enough placements. To quote, it’s all feeling very, “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once.”

This stat really stood out when it comes to ineffective systems: 72% of the candidates recruiters place were already in their system before they sourced them elsewhere! That’s a very loud call to renovate your tech stack in a way that works for you, efficiently. Automation can be your best friend if you know how to harness it well.

Get our guide to Smarter TA Automation here:

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And if we’re talking automation, AI is close behind... 

David Bernard, CEO at Assess First had some incredible truth bombs to drop:

One hire out of two can be considered a failure after only 18 months and 9/10 times it has nothing to do with technical skills. In an age where skills are becoming obsolete 10 X faster compared to 30 years ago, recruiters need to hire for the ability to learn!

“The CV doesn’t predict success anymore”

This is one of our personal passion topics at Adway, check out this robust conversation and drop your thoughts in the comments:

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