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Social Recruiting
Trends Analysis 2023

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Your temperature check on the impact of social recruiting

Having a social media component in your recruiting strategy is a relatively fresh and proactive approach to recruiting and it's gaining traction across industries around the globe!

As pioneers in automated social recruitment marketing, Adway is at the forefront of this transformation, so here’s what we’re seeing...

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The report at a glance

Do you want to know which industries are leading the charge when it comes to social recruiting? Or what about which job titles are gaining the most traction? Curious about how social recruiting can impact your business? This is the report for you! 


  • Passive Candidates: The secret sauce to recruiting success
  • Industry insights analysis
  • Top job categories analysis
  • Top job titles analysis
  • The value of a multi-channel approach
  • The impact on volume hiring
  • The impact on diversity
  • The impact on digital transformation
  • The impact on brand engagement
  • The impact on recruiting KPIs

And so much more!