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Talent Acquisition Systems

Talent Acquisition Systems

Create an Unbiased Recruitment Process with These 4 Smart Talent Acquisition Systems

Smart recruiting technology is really the Jack - scratch that - the Jane of all trades. It can rank resumes and qualifications, assess and respond to candidates, ask questions, offer feedback, and even streamline talent acquisition through social media. And, as if that wasn’t enough, it can also take on thenoble task of removing bias from the hiring process. 

How? In a world where Diversity & Inclusion is much more than just a lofty goal on the company Mission page, smart talent acquisition programs give equal weight to candidates based on specific selection criteria and help the humans in HR build relationships instead of bias. The result? A faster hiring process that fosters a diverse and inclusive candidate pool and workplace. 

How Does Bias Impact Recruitment?

When it comes to attracting diverse candidates, unconscious bias has been known to make recruiters get right in their own way. In fact, the average recruiter spends just six seconds reviewing a resume. Six seconds. That means even the most well-meaning recruiter is likely to inflict some form of unconscious bias when determining who gets an interview and whose resume goes back in the pile. 

And yet, companies with diverse workforces are 35% more likely to outperform companies with no diversity initiatives, meaning all those biased human recruiters are actually causing damage to the business’s bottom line. 


Talent Acquisition Systems That Eliminate Bias

When thinking about attracting the best candidates in a bias-free way, turning to a talent acquisition system or solution can help you streamline the hiring process and ensure your organisation makes good on its promise to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace.  And it all starts with automation. 

Here are 4 smart talent acquisition tools that can help you remove bias from the recruitment process with the powers of AI and technology: 

1. Automated Candidate Assessment

How it Works 

Automated candidate assessment implements a system or process that automatically conducts candidate assessment, scores the candidate by benchmarking them against specific criteria, and offers an unbiased recommendation about whether the candidate is a fit for the company.  The results are then integrated into an ATS for easy management.  

Eighty-two percent of today’s companies are using some sort of automated assessment tool in their hiring process. That’s probably because they’re known to significantly reduce screening time and give recruiters some time back in their day. They help organisations make diverse, quality hires because they determine exactly how the candidate will perform on the job (not just what their qualifications, gender or age are). 

A few more automated assessment benefits: 

  • Decreased hiring bias 
  • Reduced time-to-hire
  • Increased productivity 
  • Improved diversity
  • Decreased turnover
  • Improved employer branding

Who Offers It 

Alva is a science-based, easy-to-use recruiting technology that uses automated testing to validate and assess a candidate’s personality and logical abilities in mere minutes. It can be used to assess how a candidate fits on a certain team, evaluate candidates after they’re hired, and streamline the hiring process by consolidating candidate evaluations from several separate interviewers. 

Most importantly: Alva was designed to reduce unconscious bias and build diverse, dynamic teams.

2. AI-Powered Recruitment Chatbots and Robots

How it Works 

AI-powered recruitment chatbots are used to quickly communicate with candidates to provide real-time feedback, respond to inquiries, and engage the candidate throughout the hiring process. They also interact with recruiters to communicate information about the applicant’s experience. 

AI-powered recruitment chatbots are specifically programmed to avoid unconscious biases such as gender, race, ethnicity, age or name. 

Who Offers It 

Tengai, also known as “the job interview robot who won’t judge you,” is more of a recruitment robot than a recruitment chatbot. It’s a fully automated interview software whose whole mission is to take bias out of the recruitment process. 

The conversational AI tool conducts blind interviews to assess soft skills and personality traits, offering recruiters recommendations that help them make better, less biased hiring decisions

Tengai mitigates unconscious bias and delivers a more honest, fair, and exciting candidate experience so recruiters can find the people with the right competencies and not just the right credentials.

3. Conscious Inclusion Decision Support Platform

↑Say that one three times fast!↑

How it Works

A conscious inclusion decision support platform helps recruiters become aware of unconscious bias by bringing the powers of pure data into the hiring process. An increase in conscious inclusion in the recruiting process fosters a more diverse and inclusive talent pool and workforce. 

Who Offers It 

TalVista supports Diversity & Inclusion and unbiased hiring practices through their three main platform offerings:

  • Optimized Job Descriptions use scientific research and sophisticated algorithms to write more effective job descriptions which will attract an equal amount of male, female and underrepresented candidates to bring in the most diverse candidate pool possible. 

  • Blind CV/ Resume Review digitizes the process of reviewing resumes by automatically recognizing personally identifiable information and redacting specific information such as the candidate’s name, email address, headshots, or any other data the recruiter previously selects. This helps eliminate bias from the process by focusing on skills and experience instead of details that may denote ethnicity, gender, age, etc. 

  • Structured Interviews focus on key indicators of job success by automatically assigning questions to interviewers that focus on core job criteria and needs. This eliminates speculation on answers and thus reduces biased decision making. 


4. Automated Recruitment Marketing Software 

How it Works 

Automated recruitment marketing software streamlines candidate inflow by automating certain recruitment marketing tasks (e.g. creating, posting and optimizing job ads on social media).

It helps nurture candidates with highly personalized, useful content and attracts best-fit job candidates in an unbiased way. 

On top of all that, automated recruitment marketing strengthens the overall employer brand and brings in a diverse talent pipeline that’s primed and ready to strengthen the entire organisation. 

Who Offers It 

Adway is a smart talent acquisition platform and recruitment marketing software that matches an employer’s job opportunities with their dream candidates in a very unique way! The platform leverages social media, storytelling and data & analytics to advertise to candidates where they spend the majority of their time: online. 

Adway’s software creates and distributes captivating job ads on social media and job boards, so recruiters and employers can convert a diverse pool of candidates into becoming the best new hires at the organisation. Not only can the platform increase the size and quality of the candidate pool with more relevant and diverse talents, it can also retarget candidates who haven’t applied to significantly lower the drop off rate. 

Above all else, Adway lets data-driven decision making (MOVE over, bias!) lead the way.

The TA Takeaway

Welcome to TA in 2021! It’s officially time to stop sourcing cold candidates at the top of the same old funnel. 

Instead, try demoing some of these innovative and unbiased talent acquisition systems to attract, interact with, convert, and hire candidates who make your Diversity & Inclusion efforts a reality. 

When it comes to unbiased recruitment, it’s definitely time to “walk the walk.” The future of TA depends on it.