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Shaping the Future of Recruiting: Insights from Adway's Summits

Shaping the Future of Recruiting: Insights from Adway's Summits


"Recruitment is no longer about finding candidates; it’s about being found,"

Resonating throughout the event venues, this phrase reverberated with an electrifying energy at Adway's Summit in London, Gothenburg and Stockholm.

As industry leaders convened, the air buzzed with transformative ideas set to redefine the art of attracting top talent. These exclusive summits weren't just events; they were incubators for innovation, where the future of recruiting was not just discussed but actively molded.

Industry pioneers shared space, insights, and vision, all with one mission: to chart the new trajectory of recruitment amidst a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Let's explore key insights from the summits.




Embracing a Multi-Channel Approach

Karin Andersén from Stena Recycling took the stage to shatter recruitment norms, introducing TikTok and Snapchat as not just a social platform's but powerful recruiting tools.

She passionately advocated for the power of TikTok and Snapchat in connecting with the elusive younger generation, transforming mere "likes" into more qualified applications.

However, she also emphasized that it would surprise many to discover the diverse age range of talent found on these platforms, proving that they appeal to a wider demographic than one might initially assume.

Multi-Channel is the way forward! Karin explained that Stena Recycling had seen an incredible increase of +197%​ applications​ in 2023​ as a result.

But for Karin, "Authenticity and knowing your target groups" remains paramount.



Decoding the TA Market with Hung Lee

In his enlightening "State of the TA market" address, Hung Lee provided a comprehensive overview of the current talent acquisition landscape.

Lee’s address was a reality check for the recruitment industry, marked by his analysis of the so-called "white-collar recession" and global role shifts.

He emphasized that the market is seeing a transition where the number of roles being promoted has sharply risen, reflecting a shift in workforce dynamics and the nature of work itself.

According to Lee, candidates now prioritize transparency and are drawn to companies that offer a genuine portrayal of their work environment over those that present an overly polished image.

Gone are the days where we can claim the culture is fantastic, "it's like a family, everyone loves coming to work every day etc", candidates want honesty, and you will attract longer term, more invested candidates by telling the truth.

This demand for authenticity is reshaping how companies approach talent attraction and retention, with a push towards more honest and engaging employer branding.





Labor Market Analytics: Stability and Direction during Economic Fluctuations.

Horsefly's presentation on ROI and Talent Analytics underscored the strategic importance of data in talent acquisition.

The presentation on ROI and Talent Analytics by Horsefly showcased the strategic importance of utilizing labor market analytics to ensure stability in times of downturn and efficient growth when scaling up.

Horsefly demonstrated the value of a data-informed approach in understanding the market's ebb and flow and the subsequent impact on ROI.

Their insights into labor analytics and the relationship between investment and outcomes in the recruiting process provided attendees with actionable knowledge to optimise their talent acquisition efforts in challenging as well as prosperous times.




Steve Clabby on Social Media's Role in Recruitment

Steve Clabby, Head of Product at Capita, emphasized at the Adway Summit the undeniable importance of social media in talent acquisition. He pointed out that social media is not just a trend but the future of recruitment, housing the largest audience of potential talent.

For many companies, this is new territory, but Clabby highlighted the value of having a partner like Adway to navigate this landscape especially when it comes to proving ROI and impact on time, savings and fill rates.

His talk underscored the need to demonstrate social media's value as essential for securing support and resources from C-suite executives. In this context, having a partner like Adway, which understands the intricacies of social media recruitment and build the business case with you, becomes invaluable for companies looking to navigate and excel in this new landscape.



Måns Liljenlov's Transformative TA Strategy at PwC

Måns Liljenlov from PwC Sweden provided a compelling overview of their Talent Acquisition (TA) team's transformative journey.

Emphasizing their thorough approach, he highlighted their revamped strategies in technology, partnerships, talent development, and integrations to meet today's evolving TA challenges.

A key focus was on the candidate journey, where Adway's Convert really shone.

Central to their strategy is the People Value Proposition (PVP) project, underscoring their belief that "People is business strategy." This innovative approach places people at the heart of PwC's business, reshaping their talent acquisition and nurturing.

Explore Måns Liljenlov's insights in-depth in his full talk here:


Technological Edge and Future Directions

Innovation took center stage with the showcase of Adway's NEW Talent Attraction Suite:

Attract Talent where they spend their time: social media.
Convert Talent with a candidate experience driven tool that automates candidate nurturing and enables applications that take less than 1min.
Engage Talent by transforming your career page into an intuitive and fully branded job board​.

Predict your return on investment with recruitment marketing forecasting, industry benchmarking​ and real-time optimisation that automatically focuses your budget where it is most needed based on millions of historical advertising-data-records​.



Embracing the Future of Recruitment with Adway

The Adway Summit made it clear: the recruitment of tomorrow hinges on authenticity, strategic data utilization, and technological prowess.

For those ready to embrace these principles, Adway's suite of talent attraction solutions - Attract, Convert, Engage - stands ready to guide the way.

Let's not just fill roles; let's fulfill aspirations and build the workplaces of tomorrow, today.

Dive into our latest Social Recruiting Trends Analysis and see how these insights can empower your organization's talent acquisition strategy.