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Recruitment Automation: The Backbone of Value-Driven Talent Acquisition

Recruitment Automation: The Backbone of Value-Driven Talent Acquisition

Whether we’re in our homes, our offices, or even grabbing our groceries – automation is clearly where the world is headed. It has profoundly shifted the way businesses approach their core functions, especially recruitment.

So, what exactly is recruitment automation and what does it mean for your organisation? Plainly put, it will make your job as a recruiter a whole lot easier! By taking on traditionally tedious tasks and freeing up important resources, recruitment automation helps you drive tangible value for your clients and your business.

An increased focus on hiring top talent has made the adoption of HR tech mandatory in the modern workplace. From signing bonuses to customized career paths, businesses are willing to bend over backwards to attract their next superstar employees. This is where automation truly justifies its value it enables businesses to engage with top candidates in a cutthroat competition for talent.

In this piece, we’ll take a closer look into the many benefits of automation and how the right HR tech can help you optimize your TA strategy in 2020 and beyond.

How Recruitment Automation Enhances Talent Acquisition

1. Consistently Higher ROI on Job Ads

Job ads eat up a hefty portion of the recruitment budget, so it’s important to make every single advertising dollar count! Enter: programmatic job advertising! This tested-and-true marketing approach leverages the power of AI-assisted software, placing job ads across the internet to target the ideal candidate personas. With software that automatically distributes job ads to social media platforms and job boards companies can slash their cost-per-candidate by up to 30%!

2. Better Candidate Engagement

Timely access to important information is crucial to a flawless candidate experience! Automated tools like chatbots simplify the hiring process by answering candidate questions quickly, so they can make an informed decision fast. From providing basic company information to guiding candidates through the next steps, chatbots can be configured to take on a wide range of time-consuming recruitment tasks.

3. Efficient Candidate Screening

Imagine sifting through thousands of resumes just so you can shortlist a few key candidates. Been there… Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) drive their horsepower from AI and can learn your core hiring criteria quickly. They come with numerous configurations, but even the most basic versions will significantly reduce the time it takes to select qualified talent. This makes the screening process less manually intensive and much more effective!

4. Streamlined Interview Scheduling

Manual interview scheduling is another drain on the recruiters’ already busy day. HR automation can tackle the entire process by forming a collaborative loop between the candidate, recruiter, and hiring manager. With helpful features like automatic updates and access to each other’s calendars, schedule clashes are minimized, and the interview process becomes streamlined.

Here’s how you Get the most out of you Automation efforts

You might have unlimited resources at your disposal and still end up with less-than-optimal results. It happens. Recruitment and HR automation processes are no different. Following industry-relevant best practices is an absolute must if you want to extract a positive ROI from your automation efforts. Here’s what to consider:

1. Don’t Neglect the Applicant Experience

Automation can be a lifesaver, but it doesn’t have to be bland, boring or robotic! If leveraged correctly, recruitment automation can be amazingly effective at forming meaningful connections with candidates.When deploying HR tech and automation, your core objective should be improving the candidate experience at every step of the hiring process. From your career website’s interface to follow-up communication sequences, every facet should result in a frictionless hiring funnel.

2.Religiously Track Your Progress

Implementing recruitment automation is only one half of the automation equation. The other half will be won by closely tracking what’s working and what isn’t. In addition to providing you with a deeper understanding, tracking helps you pivot quickly. This lets you seamlessly redirect resources to the tools that are delivering the greatest bang for your automation buck!

Key Takeaway

For some, recruitment automation may come across as overly futuristic, complicated or even complex. It could be that they’re not leveraging its powers to their fullest advantage. Because at its core, automation is nothing more than a set of processes designed to make talent acquisition faster, cheaper and more value-driven.

If you adopt recruiting technology ASAP, you won’t be left behind in the race for top talent. There’s still time! And If you use it correctly, your organization can enhance the entire candidate experience and bolster your unique employer brand. Which part of the process would your company benefit the most from automating? If you ask yourself that question, you are well on your way!