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Why You Should Post Job Ads During Summer

Why You Should Post Job Ads During Summer

Recruiting Passive Candidates On Social Media During Summer!

It’s summertime, the livin’s easy, and many of your top talent-stealing competitors are kicking their heels up and enjoying some well-deserved holiday time off.

But not you!

Why? Because you’re a savvy TA expert who knows it’s the perfect time to sneak in and snatch up some of the best candidates for the job. 

While many talent acquisition professionals have been taught that the “traditional” summer slowdown means a decrease in quality candidates and job postings, we at Adway are seeing our best-in-class clients outperform both the winter and spring seasons when it comes to conversion rates and actual application volumes per vacancy. 

So, how do you capitalize on the season of sanctioned slacking? It starts with a little bit of creativity and culminates with the harnessing of TA technology and its infinite benefits. 

Summer 2021 Looks a Little Bit Different

Let’s begin by addressing the elephant in the room: this isn’t exactly your typical summer. 

As the Covid-19 pandemic tapers down in several countries, many employees are feeling disconnected—both physically and mentally—from their work. They might even find themselves in full-blown contemplation mode, rethinking their personal and professional lives and deciding what their next steps should be. 

And with great change comes great opportunities! Especially for employers and recruiters who are ready to transition into the future of work. With a newly-mobile workforce at their fingertips, many employers can cast the net even wider to find amazing talent that enhances their mission from near or far. 

Consider The Industry You’re Recruiting For

Not all industries slow down during the summer. In fact, organisations in the hospitality and tourism sectors are kicking things up this time of year. Only 34% of seasonal employers complete their hiring before June, meaning there are many who are still searching for staff well into the mid-to-late summer months. 

Create a Compelling Case for Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are passive for a reason: they’re not actively seeking employment. So, if you contact a passive candidate at anything less than the ideal time (which is a moving target!), you’re unlikely to receive a response. 

In the summertime, when passive candidates might have more than a few moments to spare, the stars can easily align to ensure your compelling job opportunity sparks their interest. Think about the major holidays and strive to reach passive candidates by working around those periods. This will ensure they have less going on and more time to chat about the opening. 

Remember: the easier you make it for the passive candidate, the more likely they are to stop and see what your company has to offer. 

Use Recruitment Marketing on Social Media

While passive candidates are contemplating their professional future from that beach chair by the sea, scrolling on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook, an overwhelming majority of them are scrolling through social media to pass the time. By posting your job advertisements on social media with the help of tech, you’re able to create a 24/7 talent journey for passive candidates and engage them right where they are this summer. 

On top of that, social media offers an unbiased form of recruiting that can help reinforce your organisation’s diversity & inclusion efforts. How? It eliminates biased targeting, lets you reach diverse candidates (note: 71% of social media users are women, 77% of black people use social media, and 80% of hispanic people use social media), and it helps you build a more transparent employer brand, which will bring in a more eclectic candidate base right from the get go. 

From Lazy Days of Summer to Successful Talent Acquisition

At Adway, we think true talent rewards happen when hard work meets great timing. That’s why we’re so excited about the opportunities the summer season brings to recruiters who are willing to shake up the status quo. 

Because, even if it is a more “challenging” time to hire active candidates (which we’ve already demonstrated it isn’t!), there are plenty of highly coveted passive candidates in the sea. And, this time of year, they’re extra-relaxed, scrolling around on their devices, and more approachable than ever.