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Recruiting and Staffing: Unlocking New Revenue with Adway

Recruiting and Staffing: Unlocking New Revenue with Adway

As the world of recruiting continues to evolve, staying ahead of the curve is vital for recruiting and staffing agencies. To remain competitive, agencies need a powerful and efficient solution that empowers their recruiters, attracts exceptional candidates, and wins new clients. Enter Adway – the game-changing platform that revolutionizes Social Recruiting and transforms it into a lucrative new revenue stream.



Over the past two years, Adway's Agency business area has experienced tremendous growth, establishing itself as a leader in the global recruitment industry. With over 40 Rec & Staff customers worldwide, we have been instrumental in producing and distributing thousands of highly effective social media campaigns, all automatically. Our primary focus is to attract and convert candidates for our clients, ensuring optimal results every step of the way.



Adway's technology is a game-changer for recruiters. It automates the creation and distribution of vacancy and employer branding campaigns, eliminating time-consuming administrative tasks. Seamlessly integrating with your ATS, Adway automatically generates and distributes on-brand campaigns, the minute a vacancy is posted to your ATS – no technical experience required.


With Adway's powerful machine learning capabilities, recruiters gain access to valuable insights that predict bottom-line impact and recruitment marketing success. Results speak for themselves – a 27% increase in fill-rate, a 28% boost in the quality of applicants, a remarkable 72% surge in diversity applicants, and an impressive 8-day reduction in time-to-hire.

But don't just take our word for it, have a read through our success stories here:




Adway doesn't just attract candidates; it elevates your agency's sales and client acquisition efforts. Digitally activates your organization's brand, treating candidates like future clients. By delivering a premium application experience, candidates become future clients, reaching out when they need to build their new teams.


Be at the forefront of the industry with a fresh, unique selling point. Adway empowers your clients with the latest technology for hiring success, distinguishing your agency from competitors. Running campaigns through Adway not only grows your customers' talent pools but simultaneously cultivates your agency’s talent pools, merging them into one powerful portal.



Adway understands the challenges that agencies face. From volume hiring, managing multiple brands and users, ensuring your strategy is future proof, and driving more revenue from each valuable account. Adway's platform excels at scaling up recruitment efforts.


Through powerful data analytics and predictive insights, Adway enables you to forecast the results of your recruitment marketing spend, proving the ROI of your talent acquisition efforts to clients. Save time, reduce costs, and streamline operations with true automation that eliminates labour-intensive administrative tasks.



Adway's exceptional Rec & Staff team, boasting over 25 years of industry experience, provides our clients with invaluable expertise. Together, we enable recruiter empowerment, elevate client attraction, and transform social recruiting into a profitable revenue stream.

But one of the most tangibly valuable aspects of Adway’s platform when used by agencies is that it creates a brand-new revenue stream!



Adway unlocks a new revenue stream for agencies through social recruiting. White label our software to create added, cutting-edge value for client’s. You can monetize social recruiting efforts by selling compellingly crafted vacancy and employer brand campaigns with a markup, making candidate attraction a profitable business in itself.

Adway has a proven record of accomplishment of success. Agencies using Adway have experienced a decrease in time-to-hire, ranging from 3 to 6 days, and an increase in applications of up to 129%. For one industry leader, scaling their social recruiting from 7% to 100% through Adway’s automation, resulted in a remarkable 23 times the return on every Euro spent on their social recruiting campaigns.




Adway's technology is tailor-made for recruiting and staffing agencies. If you are an owner or decision-maker seeking to empower your recruiters, attract exceptional candidates, and win new clients, Adway is the ideal solution.


Don't miss the opportunity to revolutionize your talent acquisition strategy and unlock new revenue streams. Take advantage of Adway's powerful features and join the ranks of agencies that are transforming Social Recruiting into a lucrative success story.


Adway has redefined the possibilities of Social Recruiting, unleashing the potential for recruiting and staffing agencies to excel in their industry. Empower your recruiters, attract top-notch candidates, and amplify client attraction efforts with Adway's innovative technology and transform Social Recruiting into a profitable endeavour.


Schedule a meeting with Adway today to explore how our cutting-edge platform can revolutionise your talent acquisition strategy and drive your agency's success to new heights.