Reaching the unreachable job candidates with HR tech

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Sara Dalsfelt

SCC Interview 4 November

Digital transformation has created unimaginable opportunities for talent acquisition - and new challenges to meet. How do we reach passive candidates in an ever competitive media feed?

Never mind reach: how do we find the right person for every role, when the fit is key but speed is a must? 

Our own Adrian McDonald discusses this dilemma together with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK in “Reaching the unreachable job candidates with HR tech”. We talk about how our automated platform helps enterprises and recruiters attract the right competence with new technology by reaching a stronger and bigger pool of candidates across social media platforms - where they actually are - to supercharge results.

“Instead of trying to reach potential candidates by posting ads on traditional job boards, Adway is present where the candidates are spending their time – social media.”



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