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How to Build Your Business Case For Social Recruitment Marketing: Live With Matt Alder

How to Build Your Business Case For Social Recruitment Marketing: Live With Matt Alder

Sometimes, in TA, you only get one shot to prove your business case.

Which is why we want to help you to master the strategic side of social recruitment marketing

So, we did what any good TA tech company should do in this situation: We called upon the legend of TA legends, the one-and-only Matt Alder. Matt is a Talent Acquisition Futurist, industry powerhouse and host of the binge worthy, 500+ episode Recruiting Future podcast. 

Along with Sara Dalsfelt, Adway’s Head of Brand & Community, Matt dropped some detailed knowledge and steps you can take to build your business case for social recruitment marketing.

If you’re ready to take in the entire episode, check it out bellow. If you want a detailed summary of how-to’s from the recruiting industry’s most trusted source, keep reading. 

Why Right Now is the Right time For Social Recruitment Marketing

There’s never been a more important time to invest in social recruitment marketing, and, according to Matt, it’s due to the intersection of these three dynamics: 

  1. Market Disruption - We’ve been through three extreme economic cycles in about 2.5 years: The pandemic hiring dropoff, the post-pandemic hiring peak, and the current state of volatility in recruiting. We’ve learned that things can change very quickly, and being consistent with your recruitment marketing strategy will give you an edge over your competitors for the next cycle waiting just around the corner. 

  2. Internal Pressures - “Efficiency” is more than just a buzzword right now - it’s a hard line. And organisations who are able to embrace automated recruitment marketing technology have a massive internal advantage. The right tech will allow your TA team to “speak the language” of digital recruitment marketing and communicate the efficiency of your recruitment marketing engine with details and data points. 

  3. The Talent Themselves - As a result of the market disruption, organisations will need to persuade passive talent over a long period of time, since many candidates will be hesitant to switch jobs in the current economic climate. Staying consistent with social recruitment marketing and employer branding campaigns will be essential to attracting that future talent and fostering your current pipeline along the way. 

How to Build Your Business Case For Social Recruitment Marketing

Take a Look at Your 5-Year Strategic Plan

One of the great things about harnessing technology to automate social recruitment marketing is the amount of data, insights and transparency that TA has access to. But simply having the data isn’t enough. You need to align what you measure and be able to strategically discuss it with your business’s objectives in mind. 

Start by asking yourself a couple of key questions: 

  • What is the five year plan of your business? 
  • What kind of skills will your business need to deliver on that plan?

Once you have that information mapped out, it’s time to assess how it stacks up with your recruitment marketing metrics, so you can prove that your talent attraction strategy drives higher talent engagement, application + hire quality and candidate conversion.  

Build Relationships, But Bring the Data 

Building relationships with the right internal stakeholders (read: the finance department) is a great way to solidify your seat at the table. And by arming yourself with the right recruitment marketing metrics (more on that below), you can prove that your team is giving maximum business value that directly affects the bottom line.

Tap Into Tech Vendor Expertise 

Your vendors are there to help! It’s time to start using them to your advantage. Ask them to assist you in aggregating the data that best builds your business case for automated recruitment marketing, so you can present it with confidence. 

Getting tech-comfortable is the best tool you have in your recruitment marketing toolkit. 

Tie Data Back to Business Growth + Revenue 

To be perceived as a revenue-driving function within the organisation, recruiters must be able to portray their impact on overall revenue and business growth. 

Through a wide range of use cases across many industries, Adway’s benchmarks show just how powerful social recruitment marketing can be for overall business growth: 

  • 28% increase in applicant quality 
  • 84% increase in applications
  • 27% increase in fill rate 
  • 23-93% reduction in recruitment marketing costs 
  • 8 days shorter time to hire 

This is precisely the kind of data we want you to be able to arm yourself with when building your business case for social recruiting!  

Amplify the Right Tech to Future Proof Your RM Strategy 

You don’t need to be a data engineer to build a great business case for automated social recruitment marketing, but (as we mentioned above) you do need to be tech-friendly and tech-comfortable. 

When thinking about your overall TA operations, it’s important to ensure your team is fully skilled at leveraging the tools that help them analyse, adjust and optimise your recruitment marketing strategy over time. 

Keep it Personal(ised) 

Considering he has decades of recruitment knowledge stacked up in his brain (and in his newsletter), we asked Matt Adler for his top takeaways for building a resilient, future-proofed recruitment marketing strategy. 

His response? Personalisation! 

Personalisation that’s driven by automation and technology is the direction we need to be heading in the TA industry. Personalisation improves the digital candidate experience, provides the data that builds the business case, and improves the hiring manager experience. 

The Proof is in The Business Case 

Social media recruitment marketing is rooted in personalisation because it meets passive candidates right where they are — in their preferred digital environment. And it continuously tells the story of your organisation — so they can scroll through it at their leisure and interact with you in real time. 

The Adway platform uses automation, analytics and social media to build sustainable talent pools for long-term, strategic hiring success. And the proof is in our business cases

Learn more about how we help solve your biggest hiring challenges and solidify your seat at the table right here

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