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Joel Lalgee, LIVE with Adway - Become irreplaceable in TA

Joel Lalgee, LIVE with Adway - Become irreplaceable in TA

We're thrilled to bring you insights from our recent LinkedIn Live session, "How To Become Irreplaceable In Talent Acquisition 2023," featuring none other than the renowned Joel Lalgee, "The guy behind the content your recruiting team shares!". 

With over 2400 signups from TA professionals from all over the globe, this was one hot topic!

Joel is one of the top voices in the recruitment industry! With over 500 000 followers on SoMe, and over 200 000 on Linkedin alone!

journey to becoming a leading voice in talent acquisition began in 2015, when he ventured into the agency recruitment world, it was here that he discovered his passion for a different approach.

Rather than relying on relentless outbound outreach and cold calls, he recognized the emerging trend of content in the recruitment industry and as such, he has ensured he has a seat at the table on a strategic level! Take a page from Joel's book:


Watch the full episode here:

Top Priorities in Talent Acquisition 2023

In the cutthroat world of talent acquisition, staying on top of the latest trends and strategies is crucial. During our live chat, Joel shared valuable insights into what priorities should be top of your agenda for 2023!

Understanding Industry Trends: To stand out in your industry, it's essential to become someone who truly comprehends the ever-changing trends. One key priority Joel highlighted is the pursuit of knowledge. He emphasized the significance of continuous learning, not just as a student but as a professional who constantly strives to understand their business. 

Understanding Your Business: Beyond simply filling job positions, the goal is to become a consultant and a leader in hiring. Instead of merely grasping job descriptions, focus on understanding your industry and the teams you are hiring for.

Joel's insights suggest that the path to becoming irreplaceable involves evolving into a go-to resource for help and advice. By dedicating time to research, learning, and engaging in conversations with peers, you can develop into a professional who offers solutions on branding, reaching people effectively, understanding market salaries, staying updated on industry technology, and much more.

In essence, you become a go-to expert who proactively contributes to your field's growth and development. 

And a bonus insight: “Candidate experience is becoming more important and I think this is due to the role of social media and online reputation," Joel emphasized during the session. "Candidate Experience is, I think, going to emerge as an actual priority for businesses rather than a nice-to-have, and they're going to really focus on that 100%." 


Want to become irreplaceable? Build your personal brand!


We absolutely loved this home-run point from Joel on the power of building your personal brand:
"I think what having a strong brand will do," he noted, "It'll get you a seat in front of the right people easier. And believe it or not, I still have to sell people on the power of that."

Here are Joel's top 5 tips to building your personal brand:

Focus on relatable and humorous content: This not only engages your audience but also humanises your brand.

Leverage multiple platforms: Utilise platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to reach a broader audience. Top tip, explore tools like: Repurpose

Have a unique perspective: Research existing content creators for inspiration and add your unique angle to the mix. Standing out often comes from a fresh and original approach. 

Build relationships: Keep it genuine! Engage with the community through comments and direct messages and work at building meaningful relationships. 

Consistency: Don't de-prioritise building your brand! Dedicate time each day to comment on posts and build relationships. It's the little things that make a significant impact over time. 

There's no quick fix: You have to be ok with delayed gratification, you are sowing seeds for success and you need to nurture them over time.

Joel also highlighted the importance of recognizing that even with a strong brand, you still need to be able to sell the value of your offerings. "Regardless of getting that seat, you still need to be able to sell the value."

Tech Savviness vs. Human Connection

Balancing technology and the human element in recruitment is a tightrope walk that recruiters often face. In our discussion with Joel, he shed light on the delicate art of preserving the human connection while embracing technology.

"Being a people person and knowing how to relate to people, is huge! We're in business of people!" but you need to stay up-to-date with technology and know how to leverage it.

Key insights included: 

Technology's role: "Get tech and AI comfortable!" - not just in your recruitment process, but also when building your brand and in your marketing efforts it's an essential step to break through the ever increasing noise!

The importance of genuine connections: In the world of vanity metrics, Joel highlighted that nurturing real connections is far more valuable in the long run. 

Building relationships IRL: Meeting people offline and caring about them is crucial for meaningful connections that lead to future opportunities. 

Stay authentic and relatable: Think about what your candidates relate to! And if you're not sure? workshop this with the teams you're hiring for. 
We hope you find these insights valuable in your journey to becoming an indispensable talent acquisition professional.


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