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Introducing Adway's Talent Attraction Suite

Introducing Adway's Talent Attraction Suite

The Ultimate Toolset for Proactive Recruitment

By Adrian McDonald, CEO, Adway

In the recruitment industry, characterised by rapid change and a persistent skills shortage, the need for a cohesive, comprehensive attraction strategy has never been more urgent.

At Adway, we understand that the challenge facing recruiters isn't a scarcity of tools—it's the lack of synergy among them.

Watch the video below to see how Adway is tackling this challenge head on!



A Unified Solution for the Talent Attraction Lifecycle

We are proud to announce the launch of our Talent Attraction Suite (TAS), a groundbreaking set of tools designed to address every phase of the candidate journey.

Building on our core product, Attract, we've developed an integrated suite including Convert, Explore, and Predict—each tailored to seamlessly augment your existing ATS, CRM, and career page infrastructure. This is a first in the industry, providing a holistic approach to recruitment technology.


Attract: Where Engagement Begins

Our journey begins with Attract, which leverages the power of social media—where candidates spend an average of 2.5 hours daily—to place your job vacancies precisely where potential applicants are most active. This initial touchpoint is critical in capturing attention in a crowded digital landscape before moving them into Social Talent Pools™ and Communities with whom you can maintain a dialogue.


Convert: Tailored for Candidate Conversions

Next, Convert transforms the application process. It's not just about attracting candidates but converting their interest into tangible applications. This tool ensures an application journey that takes less than a minute and employs automated nurturing strategies that treat candidates like valued customers.


Explore: Maximizing Career Page Potential

With Explore, we transform your career page into an intuitive job board. This not only maximizes passive browsing but also actively converts it into job-seeking, capturing your career page traffic into retargetable talent pools for future vacancies.


Predict: Intelligent Forecasting for Recruitment

Finally, Predict stands as the brain of our suite. Combining machine learning with detailed recruitment analytics, it provides precise ROI forecasts, industry benchmarking, and optimises your campaigns for key metrics like time-to-hire, fill-rate, and diversity.


Redefining Recruitment

With TAS, Adway redefines what it means to be equipped in the recruitment industry. This suite is not just a toolkit; it's a strategic partner in your recruitment process. For the first time, the industry can pivot from reactive hiring to a proactive, strategic operation that is predictable and seamless.


Shape Your Future with Adway

With our Talent Attraction Suite, you're not just adapting to the future—you are actively shaping it. Our suite empowers you to take control, predict outcomes, and drive your recruitment with certainty.


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