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Hung Lee goes live with Adway - AI Hacks For Recruitment Marketing

Hung Lee goes live with Adway - AI Hacks For Recruitment Marketing

If you’re looking to take the leap from AI-aware to AI-friendly, it’s time to pull up a chair and get tech-comfortable. 

Leveraging artificial intelligence for talent acquisition isn’t about being an “expert” in technology or pretending you’re some kind of software engineer. At Adway, we much prefer the term “AI-friendly” (as you can see), which means mastering the skills of prompt engineering, personalising the process, and getting back to the human side of talent acquisition faster. 

And, while you probably won’t be replaced by a machine anytime soon, you will be in competition with those who are tech-comfortable. So, to help you stay in step, we’re breaking down how to supercharge your social recruitment marketing with the help of AI.


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Adway on Recruiting Brainfood: Episode 200

Adway’s Head of Brand & Community, Sara Dalsfelt, recently sat down with the LEGEND that is Hung Lee for the bicentennial episode of his famous Recruiting Brainfood livecast. 

Along with Martyn Redstone (Founder of BotJobs), Bobby Leonard, MD (of The Recruitment Events Co.), and Sam Berthoud (Director of Account Management at Hackajob), they discussed all things AI Revolution and how recruitment marketers are either charging ahead or getting left in the dust. 


The Future of Recruitment Marketing Relies on Generative AI 

One of the biggest bites of Brainfood in episode 200 was around where the recruitment marketing industry is heading and how it’s using generative AI to get there especially when it comes to social recruiting. 

In terms of job ads, we’ve recently witnessed the skyrocketing of replication templating, where job content is run through custom templates on social media to generate ads that are more meaningful, more beautiful, more engaging, and better at attracting the right talent. This isn't about auto-publishing and walking away. It’s about displaying highly-personalised ads across numerous social media platforms ‒ each with its own unique variations and experience requirements ‒ to increase the conversion rates of high-quality candidates. 

At Adway, we use AI-driven technology to optimise social recruitment marketing and employer branding. By pulling job listings directly from the employer's ATS, we automatically generate unique, on-brand social media campaigns tailored perfectly to each platform, each role and getting your employer brand to market. These campaigns are designed to maximise effectiveness and tap into the passive candidate market by learning from past performance data, so we can adapt our strategies accordingly.

Generative AI can play a crucial role in creating personalised and engaging content, generating ad copy variations, and optimising campaigns based on target audience preferences and engagement patterns. 

How to Supercharge Your Social Recruitment Marketing With AI: Get Tech-Comfortable

We fundamentally encourage recruiters to be more comfortable with tech, not just as a tool to improve productivity, but by strategically leaning into automation. Even if you can use ChatGPT to write a great job post or consolidate your employer brand positioning (hurry, while it’s still free!), getting it out on social media and in front of the right people requires automation and strategy (which is where Adway comes in). 

Become a “Prompt Engineer” 

Artificial Intelligence and automation tends to get a bad rap for taking the “human touch” out of the candidate experience, but thoughtful and strategic prompting can make the process even more personal. When harnessing generative AI in talent acquisition, it’s not about using the technology as a machine, it’s about asking ourselves “how can this be more like ME?” 

As human beings, it’s up to us to contextualise the situation around us and ask the right questions when we prompt, because it’s never just the machine. It’s the combination of human intuition and expertise mixed with how we’re prompting, how we feel, and what our unique and personalised goals are. 

Retarget With Intelligent Engagement Automation 

From an employer branding/ad campaign perspective, retargeting is one of the best ways to raise the engagement level with the right audiences, which is something we love to leverage at Adway. You can grow your social talent pools by installing a tracking solution on your career site and devising a retargeting ad campaign that reaches candidates who have shown an interest in joining your team. 

Pro tip: If you want to work at some of the coolest companies out there, start visiting their career sites and accepting all their cookies.

Leverage Automated Lead Generation 

By driving traffic to an individual landing page and using a CTA to capture a few basic pieces of information (e.g. name, email, etc.), you can easily retarget candidates en masse. And, if you’re noticing poor conversation rates on your career site, automated lead generation can also help you capture a higher volume of candidates. 

Tap Into Automated Conversion Funnels 

With automated conversion funnels, you can lift .5%-5% conversion rates to 10%+ by retargeting the audiences who are more likely to be relevant to the jobs. And, in the interest of acing your candidate journeys, shorter applications and better UX and UI on career sites and job listings will help you raise your conversion rates even higher. 

Navigate iOS 16.4 Complexities 

With the increasing complexities and limitations introduced by iOS 16.4 and social media platforms, manually managing marketing campaigns has become… a bit of a bear. Utilising software like Adway’s offers a much more efficient and effective solution, leveraging AI-driven technology to navigate these challenges and optimise campaigns for better engagement and reach.
Automation is the Key to Scalable Recruitment Marketing 

At Adway, we’ve helped over 200 companies around the world solve their biggest talent acquisition challenges, and our data is CLEAR – a scalable recruitment strategy is directly dependent on automated social recruitment marketing. 

Through social media job advertising, automation, advanced machine learning software and expertise, the entire workforce is within your reach. You can finally connect to the right talent at the right time, with scale and speed. 

Use it to tell your story, showcase your employer brand, and attract your next generation of employees – in a way that’s way simpler and way smarter. 


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