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How Adway Transforms Talent Acquisition

How Adway Transforms Talent Acquisition

An Epicenter Exclusive Interview with Adway

We’re really excited to announce that we’ve strengthened our collaboration with Epicenter , and its vibrant community. Epicenter is a House of Digital Innovation - located in Stockholm, Helsinki and Oslo - housing thousands of the world’s fastest growing digital companies and impactful enterprise initiatives, such as Microsoft, Google, Merck, Oracle, iZettle, StarStable and many more. 

With our cutting-edge products designed for companies recruiting at scale, deepening our relationship with Epicenter and their members was a natural next step. They sat down with us recently to dig deeper into Adway and our offering, which we’re pleased to share with you: 

“Introduce us to your company! Who are you and what do you do?” 

Adway is your data-driven Talent Acquisition partner. We team up with organisations to help them attract relevant candidates without being biased. This means more talent and better talent across the board. We’ve developed a fully automated, smart recruitment marketing platform that streamlines our customers’ candidate inflow. It creates and distributes job ads and employer branding campaigns across a wide range of social media platforms and job boards, so you can meet candidates right where they are: scrolling around their digital world!  

“Who are your customers, what need are you serving?” 

Our primary customers are global companies and recruitment firms who conduct 100+ recruitments each per year. We help them set next-level digital TA strategies and create captivating job ads that we deploy on social media and job boards - fully automated. All they have to do is upload the vacancy on their website and our software takes care of the rest! 

“How are you going to change the world?” 

We can confidently say we’re changing the world of talent acquisition every single day. How? By transforming typical industry dynamics with a combination of digital marketing, talent acquisition and automated solutions that optimizes HR itself. We liberate valuable human time and save organisations money by making their job advertisements fully automated.  

We’re committed to changing the way HR organisations work and think about TA, and it takes some shaking up and breaking free from industry norms. We help HR realise that the world we live in is increasingly digital, and if they want to find more relevant candidates, they need to be where those candidates are. Hint: it’s on social media! We’re also helping organisations become more data-driven, so they can make better and smarter decisions based on real facts and figures.  

“How do you work with innovation?”

Our state-of-the-art solution is truly unique in our industry and the results speak for themselves—straight from the mouths of our customers. By automating their job advertising, our clients are seeing a massive increase in job applications, spending less time on advertising and sourcing, and getting back to doing what they do best - meeting candidates.  

We’re constantly adapting our ways and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with a combination of innovation and intuition.   

“Why did you choose Epicenter as your home base?”

We’ve been members of the Epicenter community for a few years now and we absolutely love it! Since we’re scaling up, we have the need for a new studio and it makes perfect sense to grow with Epicenter and its vibrant community of members.  

“Are you looking for collabs?” 

YES! It’s baked into our business model and that’s what being an Epicenter member is all about! We want to partner with ambitious medium & large sized companies who are looking to attract the best talent from anywhere in the world. We’ll help them achieve that goal in a more time and cost-efficient manner. We know most recruitment efforts and processes are simply outdated, so we’ll happily show you how to win with a data-driven TA approach.  

Check out the full interview at Epicenters blog here!