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Highest skills shortage in 17 years? Sharpen those sourcing tools!

Highest skills shortage in 17 years? Sharpen those sourcing tools!

We already predicted 2023 is set to be a great year for Talent Acquisition (read the full blog here). And over 800 HR leaders across all major industries agree with us. In a recent Gartner survey they identified recruitment as one of their top 5 emerging priorities this year. The latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey found that despite highest talent shortage in 17 years employers intend to keep hiring at pace. Global talent scarcity, however, is sitting at a whopping 77%. 

It’s a buyer’s (candidate) market! 

It’s this scarce and increasingly expensive talent that 50% of HR leaders say they expect to hire for in the next six months with digital roles driving demand globally.

Employers anticipate a high demand for skilled talent, across these key sectors:  IT, Communication Services, Financials & Real Estate, Industrials & Materials, Energy & Utilities and Transport, Logistics & Automotive.

The competition is heating up and it’s a clearly a candidate market. 39% of surveyed job applicants report being approached on a monthly basis with new job opportunities.  

70-80% of employers from key sectors confirmed in Manpower Employment Outlook Survey that despite a strong optimism to hire, they face a talent shortage, reporting that it is a struggle to find the hard and soft skills they need. On the other hand, employees are actively looking for new opportunities; 42% of respondents said that they were actively looking for a job with 41% describing themselves as not actively looking but open to a job change if presented with a good offer.  


How can recruiters take the lead in acquiring skilled talent in 2023? 

Easy wins? With the common challenge for 36% of HR leaders being an effective sourcing strategy for finding the required skills, here are three tools to implement today to ensure you find the right talent, quickly and retain their interest to keep your skills pipeline filled! 

  • Leverage the power of social media 
79% of recruiters plan to utilise a social sourcing strategy for candidate attraction. New terrain can cause some hesitation as the power of social media is more than simply posting to a social media platform in the hopes you’ll reach your candidates organically. Here’s a 5min crash course on using social media for recruitment: Social Recruiting 101 

  • Ensure your TA strategy is unlocking the passive candidate market
It feels obvious to target 100% of the workforce rather than the 30% actively looking, but that’s easier said than done in addition, passive talent requires a bit more wooing. Adway’s fully automated social recruitment software unlocks this audience as it targets qualified candidates while simultaneously getting your Employer Brand to market, ensuring both passive and active candidates are given the story of why your company is the best to work for together with an easy application process, rather than depending on active candidates finding vacancies on job boards. 


  • Prioritise your candidate experience
A smooth candidate experience when going through the recruitment process is the best way for a company to stand out, according to 66% of job seekers. Especially for passive talent - it’s important to make a strong impression. Once engaged with a potential new employer, it’s key to represent the employer brand in an attractive way. Read our complete guide on Candidate Experience for even more insights. 

 By reimagining recruitment as a ecommerce journey, and leveraging those same tools for sourcing skilled talent, employers can stand out from the pack in this highly competitive market. 

 As the only fully automated solution for reaching passive candidates at scale with vacancy campaigns and employer brand activation, Adway delivers on all these best practices without the cumbersome, expensive manual processes ensuring your recruiting budget works hard while you work smart. 

 If you are ready to level up your sourcing skills and your candidate journey, book an obligation free discovery call today.