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Double The Results On Your Job Ads!

Double The Results On Your Job Ads!

Welcome to the way simpler, way smarterside of talent acquisition. We hope you’re enjoying having way more candidates, too. 

To help you maximise the many capabilities of Adway Connect’s job ads, we’ve put together a few guidelines and best practices that will help you activate a winning recruitment process by engaging your relevant networks. 

Keep reading to learn more. 

How to Maximise the Reach of Your Job Ads 

This checklist will help you turn your colleagues, recruiting managers and members of your hiring network into true ambassadors for your recruiting goals and employer brand:

👉 Facebook: Like, comment + tag relevant contacts on each Connect job ad. 

👉 Instagram: Like, comment + tag relevant contacts on each Connect job ad. 

👉 LinkedIn: Like, comment + share as your own post and tag relevant contacts to encourage them to click on the ad. Maximise the reach of your job adsComplete the Following Steps: 

1. Establish your relevant network 

In advance, perhaps already in the requirements profile with the recruiting manager or customer, ensure you have a list of relevant people for the specific position who are ready to be tagged! 

Your relevant network can include:

  • Colleagues for the open role
  • Members of the department where the applicant will be working
  • All contacts with a relevant background 

Note: a relevant person isn’t just a person you’d like to hire, but a collection of contacts with good networks.

2. Engage with your relevant network 

Get your customer, recruiting manager, colleagues and other relevant network members to like and comment on the job ad as soon as it goes live — within 48 hours at the latest.

The sweet spot for engagement from your relevant network is the person who you tag liking and commenting on the ad (which is easiest on LinkedIn) as soon as possible. 

If your tagging leads to more tagging… get ready for a jackpot! 

3. Include your Connect job ad in every correspondence to supercharge retargeting  

In every email outreach or Inmail with a searched candidate, a link to a Connect job ad or your career page MUST be included. This is the optimal way to track the candidates who click on your job ads and retarget them.

Even if the candidate “ghosts you,” they can click on the link out of curiosity, and you’ll officially have them saved in your talent pools for future positions. Winning!

4. Repeat For Every Job Ad You Publish  

The above steps  should be repeated for each job advertisement you publish in your ATS, as soon as you get the links to your Connect ads..

The goal is to create a smooth, “always on” process where your colleagues, customers, recruiting managers and contacts can share and get involved in the ads every time - so be creative! 

A few ideas: 

  • Create a “Team Channel” with each new job ad link and include these instructions
  • Start a friendly competition for the “Ambassador of the Month” 
  • Host an “Engagement Lunch” where the purpose is to educate your relevant network on how to like and comment on every job ad correctly

The Results?

We have data that shows that the result in terms of reach, clicks and applications can DOUBLE if you follow the above best practices and optimise engagement on your job ads through social media.