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Chad and Cheese go Live with Adway - Tech, Automation & Revenue Growth

Chad and Cheese go Live with Adway - Tech, Automation & Revenue Growth

If you missed our LinkedIn live with the guys from The Chad and Cheese, you’re in luck – here’s the summary for you to level up your TA game at your leisure!

Chad and Cheese (Chad Sowash & Joel Cheesman) are the hosts of HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast and the self-proclaimed snarkiest of industry analysts. Bringing more than 40 years of combined experience to the podcast and HR industry, and winners of LinkedIn’s The Best Recruitment Marketing Podcast award of 2022, they are the ultimate disruptors in TA:

“It’s our job to say something, let’s get into what’s actually happening in the industry.”

We take you through the ultimate way to build your TA powerhouse and unpack how to build the most resilient TA setup and what tech can get your there.

⚠️Explicit content warning: these guys speak their minds, so expect an f-bomb on occasion⚠️


You can get a the transcript of the full conversation over on their site here:

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Intro - Who are Chad and Cheese? Why they’re passionate about the industry and “speaking truth to power”.
@ 05:40


What is the ultimate way to build your TA powerhouse utilising automation, tech and how this goes hand-in-hand with showcasing revenue growth?
@ 08:30

  • How the industry has shifted: from merely posting vacancies in key places, a very simple strategy, to now being a complex system that can be difficult to understand.
  • No singular silver bullet solution, it needs to be customised to your business and location needs, you must do due diligence when it comes to selecting the right tools.
  • Ultimately recruiting still comes down to getting your foundations right when it comes to treating people like human beings.
  • We need to be fluid with our tech, do due diligence in understanding the capabilities and don’t just let it sit there and fester, which then creates barriers for businesses being motivated to invest further.
  • TA can’t afford to be passive; we must be the business drivers.


With the rise of AI and automation in recruitment, companies are looking to streamline their hiring process while improving the digital candidate experience.

How can TA leaders successfully implement automation in recruiting? What are the best practices for selecting and implementing technology, and what strategies are there for integrating automation into existing workflows?
@ 13:10

  • Streamlining recruitment… are companies looking to get rid of you?
  • What do you need to do as a recruiter to remain relevant?
  • Enter: The “Robocop” of TA, harness tools like ChatGPT.
  • Find ways to position yourself as a money-making machine rather than a cost centre and become indispensable.
  • Automate administrative tasks so that you can free up the humans to provide more “white glove” services.
  • Blow up your entire process! Reengineer your strategy and start shopping different solutions and building your tech stack today for tomorrow.
  • You don’t have to be a data engineer or AI expert, but you must be tech comfortable.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t know.
  • Be aware of where the future is going and go towards where that future is headed to ensure success.


Data analytics massively helps companies optimize their recruitment strategies and make better hiring decisions.

How can TA leverage data to identify talent trends, measure the effectiveness of recruitment campaigns, and improve candidate engagement?
@ 19:30

  • We have transparency today through data that we've never had before.

  • This is market research that is specific to your organisation and the individuals who are engaging with your organisation.
  • You can take that data, have AI to synthesize that data, audit it, and use it to advise us on different decisions we need to make.
  • That information, together with labour market information can help us build more effective strategies to make more informed decisions.
  • Data is going to be your best tool to answer, “how do I convince my executives and that we’re not a cost centre, that we’re invaluable?”
  • Data, is what is going to tell the story as to why you should get more money, why the money you get is justified and how you can use it to grow the company.
  • HR/TA folks need to ask: How does the business make its money? What the business’s long term goals are? Answer those questions first, the data can come after.
  • Taking take time-to-fill and cost-to-hire further. They are a starting point to get you to the actual bottom line numbers that matter to the CRO, CEO and the board and ensure your seat at the table.

Measuring the ROI of recruitment activities, aligning talent acquisition with business objectives, and developing a talent acquisition strategy that supports revenue growth is essential.

How can talent acquisition teams prove revenue growth and contribute to business success?
@ 25:20

  • The value of Net Promoter scores, the direct correlation between your Net Promoter score and business success is something executives understand really well.
  • The impact a poor candidate journey will have on you NPS, that alone can start building your case for aligning TA objectives with business goals.
  • The need for TA and HR to break free of the cost centre narrative.
  • TA is the living breathing heart of every organisation. Nothing gets ideated, nothing gets produced, nothing gets sold, nothing gets serviced and wallet share doesn’t increase without TA bringing talent into the fold.
  • Understand your company’s business and how money is made and then break that down department by department and calculate what a “vital” open position is costing the business every single day.
  • Real-world example: building internal funding sources and how that can unlock millions of dollars of budget for TA.
  • Real-world example: working with the CRO to justify the budget for an entire new tech stack.

What's the starting block?
Timestamp: @ 30:15

  • Having the conversation with your CRO.
  • Having the conversations with the heads of different departments.
  • Finding a “translator” someone who’s been doing this for many years and understands both the HR/TA and the executive function and can “speak their language”.
  • Approach the problem from the right angle and avoid becoming a victim of budget cuts.

Chad and Cheese’s 2 most important takeaways from the conversation?Timestamp: @ 33:45

Chad: Blow up your process, and go further with regard to metrics. Go past your HR metrics, go towards business metrics.

Josh: Take a 30 000 ft view of what you do, to quote John Lennon, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” Take a step back. Take a deep breath and look at the bigger picture.

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