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Bulletproof Your Digital Candidate Experience With Adway’s New Quick Guide 

Bulletproof Your Digital Candidate Experience With Adway’s New Quick Guide

Remember that slightly indecent little party game called “Two Truths and a Lie?” 

May we present you with… The Talent Acquisition version: 

  • Truth #1: To get more relevant candidates, you have to make your candidate experience work for them.

  • Truth #2: To WIN those candidates, your candidate experience needs to be BETTER than the competition.

  • A lie: The most high-value talent has tonnes of time to trudge through a complicated candidate journey… 

Okay, you didn’t really have to decide, but now you know: Delivering a winning digital candidate experience helps you hire the world’s best talent — by meeting them where they are, anticipating what they need next, and exceeding their expectations. 

Wondering exactly how? We have a brand new guide that gives you the tools you need to build a better digital CX. And it all involves thinking like a UX designer. 

Keep reading to learn a little more about what’s inside. Or, if you’d rather skip ahead and download the full CX Quick Guide, click here. 

Why Should You Care About the Digital Candidate Experience? 

We’re sure you’ve seen plenty of content about the importance of a good candidate experience. That’s because there’s an extreme element of truth to it all. 

A positive candidate experience (CX) is proven to:

  • Strengthen your employer brand
  • Improve candidate conversation rates
  • Lower the cost of hires 
  • Increase the quality of hires 

Bottom line: investing in the candidate experience directly benefits your business’s bottom line. And yet, many companies simply aren’t making that online experience a priority. 

That’s good news for all you savvy TA professionals out there, though. Because you get to swoop in and win the competition for top talent… with a little help from Adway

Bulletproof Your CX With Adway’s New Quick Guide

Now that you know the importance of a great CX and the huge opportunity you have at hand, you might be wondering… “But how?” 

In our brand new Quick Guide to Building a Better Digital Candidate Experience, we walk you through how to implement the single key to great and sustainable CX: Delivering a seamless user experience. 

In practice, this means:

  • Designing a high-converting CX using UX strategies
  • Implementing an “always-on” CX on social media
  • Automating your candidate funnel for smoother, personalised candidate journeys
  • Avoiding the most common CX pitfalls

The end result of this guide is to help you create an impressive, easy digital candidate experience that generates more closed applications from your most desired talent. 

What’s In This Guide For You?

Here’s a sneak peek: 

  • The cost of NOT caring about the candidate experience 
  • How to approach CX like a UX designer 
  • A handy CX inventory checklist that’s tailored to your candidate journey 
  • How to assess your hiring funnel — from top (attracting candidates) to middle (engaging candidates) to bottom (converting candidates)
  • Not letting great talent slip through your application process 
  • Creating the optimal candidate experience with Adway 

Here’s a little taste of the actionable insights you can expect to see in the CX Guide...

One key to a great application process: Remove every single step you can.

That’s right. It might sound overly simplistic, but it isn’t. It’s the in-your-face honesty most application processes are lacking. That’s because the more steps, the more requirements, the more to-do’s you put applicants through - the more candidates you will lose.

And guess who you’ll be losing? The highest-value candidates. 

Great talent has endless options, so they don’t have time for hoops, hurdles and hassle in the hiring process. Embrace the tough love and demand better from your application process. 

Unsure where to start? Focus on the three biggest pitfalls in the application process: 

1. An overly complex application process

If a candidate can’t complete your application in < five steps or < three minutes, it’s time to ask yourself: What is reasonable to demand from them here? Which steps are essential to submit their application? What can you trim out to make the process less involved? 

2. Too many screening requirements

A few upfront qualifiers are fine, but resist the urge to ask for the candidate’s entire background before they’ve even decided if they’re interested in applying. Separate “mandatory” from “preferred,” and distill even the mandatory ones into a single checkbox.

3. Too difficult to apply from a mobile

If they can’t apply from their phones, they might not apply at all. Make sure your application process is optimised for mobile users, and that each stage loads in three seconds or less. 

Ready to Bulletproof Your CX? Download the Quick Guide.
We’re making it easy for you to start building a better digital CX right here, right now, with what you have right in front of you!

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