Building a Tailored Talent Acquisition Tech Stack

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Rohan Dickinson

‘Tech, tech, tech’. There’s so much talent acquisition (TA) technology out there at the moment. The TA tech stack which you could have is mind-boggling!

The variety of technology options available to help recruiters keep evolving. To name a few types of TA platforms out there, we have: video interviewing, matching systems, applicant tracking systems, referral tools, job publishers, recruitment software CRMs, recruitment marketing – the list goes on!

A Head of Talent Acquisitions or Head of HR’s job is obviously not simple with so much tech availability. And Covid-19 has made it worse, you may say, as it’s accelerated digital transformation.

But is it really a blessing or a curse?

Problem vs Solution

It’s so important to understand simply the problem being solved. For TA professionals, this means reviewing your current set-up: the processes, procedures, collateral, and metrics. Then identifying how the functionality and features of a platform can really help boost your team’s TA efforts, i.e., time, cost, and objectives.


 Business goals and environments constantly change and so do TA requirements. So a TA tech stack may need to be adjusted (once, maybe even twice!) to really get the best ROI for teams. It’s important to align the revenue model of a vendor with your TA needs, i.e., do you choose a 6-month, year or two-year contract. Ensuring flexibility in order to keep being adaptable with your TA tech stack to meet internal and external circumstances can be vital to allow continuous improvement and performance. This truly allows for innovation.

Confidence in Integrations

 Open API’s means companies can connect and complement other HR tech and TA systems. The possibility of integration is ever-increasing, if not via an API there can be alternatives such as scraping or feeds. Point being, it’s worth exploring complementary platforms to build your tailored ecosystem of a TA tech stack.

So I’d argue the growing list of TA tech platforms out there is a blessing and not a curse. TA tech allows us to solve our own TA specific problems through complementary technology and, in doing so, continuously improving our performance. Data is often central to all TA tech, so TA functions can educate and truly outline its business impact too.

I love to keep things simple. So, to me, TA tech ultimately allows you to start adding value in the areas which you really enjoy doing and thrive on. Now surely, that is a blessing!


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