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#AdwayWrapped – 22 delicious recruitment campaigns to inspire you

#AdwayWrapped – 22 delicious recruitment campaigns to inspire you

#AdwayWrapped 🎁 22 delicious recruitment campaigns to inspire you

Automated Recruitment Campaigns Outperform Traditional Recruitment Methods and Look Hot Doing it! 

The age of automated social recruitment marketing is here! It’s a no-brainer for recruiters to leverage the power of social media to reach candidates. Let’s break down some quick stats: 

  • 71% of recruiters say social media recruiting reduced their time-to-fill1 
  • 73% of 18 to 34-year-olds found their last job through a social network2 
  • 30% lower cost-per-applicant by using automated advertising 

But the other feather in the cap of social recruitment marketing is this little nugget of gold: dream candidates who might not be actively looking for a new job, but if the right opportunity presented itself…How could they say no? 

The Beat Drop of Automation

If you’ve dabbled in using social media marketing before, you’ll know that it’s time consuming and can be costly! There are entire marketing departments and agencies that exist just to get the smallest campaigns off the ground.  

What if your recruitment team could be empowered to run strategic, creative campaigns at scale that excites and entices while building your employer brand and growing your talent pool data all at the press of a button? 

Adway’s automation software does just this!  

By using dynamic creative ads and applying data from analytics, our software can deliver the right branded message, at the right time to the right person. 

🌟 Chart Topping Recruitment Ads that Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop! 


The UK’s leading pharmaceutical retailer! Being a household name, their branded recruitment ads, automated through Adway were instantly recognisable. 


The Swedish Pharmacy! Another household name, automation through Adway enabled them to effectively appeal to candidates who hold caring for people and their health as their core values. 


Women work in construction too! Here’s how we increased the diversity of PEAB applicants by 72% all with automation. 

Strukton Rail  

Strukton Rail, leaders of Europe’s rail industry! They needed a solution to find extremely niche talent. Adway’s targeted strategy doubled their applicant volume while saving them time and money. 


Engineering boring? Not at Rejlers! Who are passionate about attracting “Learning Minds” to further their ambition of building modern sustainable communities, Adway’s automation could leverage off their bold, fun corporate assets for dynamic and creative campaigns. 


Radical Gaming company, Goals, need radical gaming developers to join their team set on making the perfect football game, using Adway’s radical software to automate their social recruitment was a no brainer. 


There’s no festive feast without the truck drivers to get that food and drink where it’s needed. Automation through Adway ensured Culina’s ads reached their candidates at speed and scale across the whole of the UK and Ireland.  


Baby, it’s cold outside, but Assemblin keeps the lights on and your homes cozy. By automating their social recruitment, they could effectively reach expert technicians in over 100 regions across the expanse of the Nordics. 


One of the Nordics’ leading fashion chains, KappAhl is continuously on the hunt for a variety of talent, from designers to IT gurus, all over the world! Adway’s automation enabled them to reach diverse talent simply and effectively. 

The White Company  

Timeless fashion requires dedicated retailers who champion exceptional service to spark a magical shopping experience. With elegant recruitment ads at the touch of a button, The White Company attracts talent their brand resonates with. 


A PaaS intent on solving company pain points within software and hardware management. Velory are always on the lookout for out-of-the-box thinkers! Adway’s out-of-the-box solution works seamlessly to reach world-of-work game changers. 


Assembling world-class teams is no mean feat. Teleperformance enlisted Adway to keep their flow of globally diverse, highly skilled talent evergreen and cutting edge. 

Circle K 

Circle K, one of the world’s largest convenience and fuel retailers are all about making journeys easier and that goes for their candidate journey too. Passionate about teamwork, they let their employees tell their story about why they love working at Circle K. 

🌟 Campaigns for The Gen-Z Evolution – These Candidates are Diverse, Highly Educated, and on Social. All. The. Time. 

Circle K

In addition to automating Circle K’s recruitment ads, Adway also implemented a summer job campaign. Social media is the best place to reach ambitious young talent looking for flexibility and hungry for opportunity. 


When needing to recruit for one of their biggest offices based in Greece, Teleperformance is not just recruiting Scandinavians for a job, but for the adventure of a lifetime! 

 Teleperformance – Cloud Campus 

Taking the work-from-anywhere revolution by the horns, Cloud Campus got their job listings front of the Gen-Z mind on both Instagram and their favourite platform – TikTok! 

PEAB Summer Job Programme  

The Nordic Community Builder, PEAB kicked off their on-the-job summer learning campaign on social media appealing to students fresh out of school. 

PEAB Engineering Graduate Programme 

Long-term recruitment thinking means PEAB recruits many newly qualified engineers and civil engineers annually for several locations throughout the Nordics. 

 Lime Trainee Campaign With a trainee program in 7 different countries, Adway was the perfect solution to reach young talent on Instagram, LinkedIn and of course, TikTok, and inspire them to build their future with Lime. 

Recruitment and Staffing Partners & Adway go Together like George Michael and Christmas!  


The Place 

Long-term talent managers, The Place, believe that happy employees perform better and help companies grow. Adway took their beautiful branding with this zinger of a tagline: Where Happy Work Happens! And ran their social recruitment campaigns set on finding their client’s the perfect “Worklife” partners. 


Skill is a modern skills company with a strong customer base of technology and industrial companies. Adway’s modern solutions were a perfect fit to empower their team to reach talent that matched their core value, “People change – everything”. 


Specialists in communications and marketing recruitment in Norway, Adway’s software smoothly integrated with their ATS to streamline social recruitment for their clients. 


OnePartnerGroup, a 3 000-employee strong partner, saw the value of social recruiting ahead of the curve – here's how we helped them scale up to run seamless campaigns for 100% of their client vacancies. 


Automation is well on its way to being an essential tool for recruitment you can’t afford to sleep on…well actually you can, as our automation does all this sourcing work for you!  

What’s more, our powerful data insights mean that the quality of candidate continually improves making you an unstoppable talent machine so you can focus on the more human aspects of recruiting. 

Want to dive deeper into automated recruitment marketing?
 Check out our Smarter Automation Guide and start the new year working smarter, not harder: 

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