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Adway named Core Leader in Fosway 9-Grid™ 2023

Adway named Core Leader in Fosway 9-Grid™ 2023

We’re beyond proud to announce that Adway has, yet again, won a coveted spot as Core Leader in the prestigious2023 Fosway 9-Grid™! 

We’re honoured to be recognised by the industry’s most trusted source for solutions in the Talent Acquisition market.

Our upward shift in performance on the 9-Grid™ is testament to our impressive results this year.

We have secured numerous enterprise partnerships with major global employers, elevating their recruitment endeavors to new heights. Our trajectory is soaring even in these challenging times.

Dive into Fosway's analysis on Adway below for insights into why we are a Core Leader.  


Where Adway Sits on the Fosway 9-Grid™:
Core Leader, Specialist – Programmatic Social Campaigns

The Core Leader Zone 

As a core leader, Adway excels in customer and market performance, offering a comprehensive suite of talent attraction capabilities globally.

This is evident through our demonstrated track record of achieving successful enterprise wins with flagship brands such as Greene King, William Hill, Jaguar Land Rover, The NHS, Boots, and more.

Our performance is testament to our prompt customer deliveries, and a glowing history of satisfied customer advocacy.


Specialists vs Suites 

We’re thrilled to be recognised as Specialists in programmatic social media campaigns.

We live and breathe Automated Social Recruitment Marketing.

This year we’ve levelled up our offering to a full suite of products to meet the needs of our enterprise customer base.

Our suite of products fully encompass the candidate journey with programmatic social media campaigns, nurtured social talent pools™, and improved career page performance.

By leveraging proven tactics of successful e-commerce and user-experience strategies we ensure maximum quality candidate conversion rates.

Explore our suite of solutions here:

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How Adway Meets Fosway’s 5 Critical Factors

The Fosway 9-Grid™ is the only market analysis model that’s used to understand the relative position of solutions and providers in the Talent Acquisition market. 

It’s based on five critical factors, and we’ll show you how Adway was selected for each one. 

  1. Performance

This 9-Grid™ factor comprises:

Market Performance: how often a vendor is shortlisted, their wins and whether they grow faster than the market.

Customer Performance: how well a vendor delivers, how deeply their customers extract value from their solutions, and how much customer advocacy does the solution provide. 

Adway is a High-Performance Solution: 

  • We often win competitive tenders from corporate enterprise customers. Our customers are some of the most innovative and biggest employers on the market. The NHS for instance, employs over 1.3 million people in the UK alone.
  • We achieve higher levels of customer impact and advocacy when compared to similar solutions in the market.  
  • We consistently make positive impacts for our customers through the speed of implementation, business return, service quality and recurring customer value. 

We’re incredibly proud to see our performance has been ranked as markedly higher this year vs 2022! 


  1. Potential

This factor of the 9-Grid™ distinguishes the solution’s scope, sophistication and capabilities. 

Adway is a Mid-Potential Solution: Our solutions are broadly reaching, highly sophisticated and rich enough to meet the needs of our enterprise clients. 


  1. Presence

This critical factor is about the size of a vendor’s customer base and their presence in the overall market. 

Adway is seen as a Lower-Presence based on the newness of our offering and niche as a Specialist in Programmatic Social Campaigns.

We pride ourselves on being early adopters and leading innovators in our space. We’re positioned toward strong future performance and growth with a proven record of accomplishment of success and as Fosway’s analysis on market trends show – we’re on the cusp of the next big shift. 


  1. Total Cost of Ownership

This factor represents the full cost of acquiring, implementing and using our solution (typically over a 3- 5-year period). 

Adway has a Mid-Cost of ownership for both internal and external costs keeping us agile to meet our customer’s needs and deliver on ROI. 


  1. Future Trajectory

This factor encompasses the positioning of the vendor based on the current market trends as they relate to the vendor’s Performance and Potential. 

Adway’s performance is trending upwards! With no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The secret ingredient to success: Social Recruiting is starting to skyrocket across the TA (Talent Acquisition) industry.

The Fosway Group expects that programmatic social campaigns will be a key ingredient for achievement in the coming years.


Download the Full Fosway 9-Grid™ Report

Fosway's industry analysis of current market realities is well worth a deep dive.

The talent acquisition industry is constantly evolving with important trends emerging, specifically the use of AI-powered personalization and programmatic advertising.

Market disruptors, such as Adway's advanced solutions in intelligence, automation, and candidate nurturing, are what will enable corporates to remain cutting-edge and resilient. 

Click here for the full download. 

Or visit the Fosway website at for more information on The Fosway Group’s research and services.