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Recruitment Is Not Tinder, And Here's Why!

Recruitment Is Not Tinder, And Here's Why!

If you’re treating recruitment like it’s a Tinder session, you’re in for a serious wakeup call! 

Sure, you’ll get a lot of candidates to swipe through your super-edited stock photos, but it will never lead to a long lasting relationship. To get ahead in recruitment, you have to start from within. And our latest Adway Live guests at Talentech are doing just that. 

Joining Adway’s Senior Advisor in Data-Driven Talent Acquisition Sara Dalsfelt are Talentech’s Chief Product Officer Maja Lindström and Chief People Officer, Elin Filipp. Together, they’ll dive into how you can create authentic candidate connections where the feeling is mutual (like any good match!) by using unbiased recruitment tools such as automation and TA technology. 

Background Check: Talentech

Talentech, founded in 2019, is one of the Nordic region’s leading SaaS companies for Talent Acquisition. They combine four industry-leading HR tech innovators: HR Manager, ReachMee, Talmundo, and Webcruiter into one central platform to facilitate a seamless talent journey from start to finish. Their goal is to offer a powerful talent ecosystem, streamline HR with automation, and evolve to meet tomorrow’s challenges. 

How to Get Recruitment on Everyone’s Agenda

Recruitment is a 24/7 journey, not a one-stop activity! To succeed in recruitment, you must start from the inside and use honest, authentic communication. Let your employees have a voice in the process through jointly developed values, inclusion strategies, and an EVP everyone can get behind. And infuse the messaging you co-create into every recruitment communication you deploy. 

From there, you can build and promote a compelling employer brand by: 

  • Selling yourself as an employer, but in an honest way. There’s no catfishing the candidates! Make a commitment to finding and keeping great people, so it’s not a one-time deal. 
  • Harnessing employee feedback. Tap into what they’re saying about you as an employer. Ask for their opinions and always seek out the voice of the employee first. Build from the ground up and generate from the inside. 
  • Staying open and transparent. Let candidates in on a deeper level by offering employee testimonials that speak to why it’s awesome to work at your company. Don’t be afraid to admit your shortcomings (be honest!) and ensure everyone knows that we’re all in this together! 
  • Keeping things simple. So simple that you can involve everyone. For example: a workshop that anyone can lead, or a survey that anyone can take. Try not to silo the process or make things more difficult than they have to be. 

Use The Right Tools to Make Recruitment a 24/7 Strategy

Getting a right swipe on your recruitment efforts is all about using innovative recruitment marketing solutions: 

  • Automation. By working with an AI provider like Adway, recruiters have a readily available pipeline and the ability to reach candidates right where they are. AI allows recruiters to be more efficient and effective at making the right candidate selections by using an unbiased hiring process. 
  • Digital and SoMe Employee Referrals make it easy for recruiters to focus their time on candidates that are recommended for and interested in open positions, while letting employees play an important role in the hiring process. 
  • Research-Based Decision Making. To present your part and stay relevant, it can’t be about your feelings. Bring data and measurements to the table, especially around candidate experience and the recruitment process itself (response rate, etc.). Speak the top management language! 

If you’re interested in learning more about which KPIs measure TA effectiveness, join our May 19th Webinar, “How to Maximize Your TA Efforts.” 

Questions From The Audience

Anna Selander, HR Business Partner, Collector Bank

“When you have developed a self-leadership strategy into the organization and created agile teams, how do you create a well functioning way to work nicely with tips from employees? It’s not like Tinder and only titles. Tips on good ways to show employees what is important in addition to value in the culture. We would like to access the employees’ attractive network and show their potential for influence, but at the same time maintain speed in the recruitment process. Important to keep pace and good feedback, and it all sums up to employer branding.”

  • Talentech has a great tool for that (enter: irecommend)! 
  • It’s also essential to have the kind of culture that sparks people to become brand ambassadors. Encourage this by being a great employer. 
  • Show a clear development path to candidates and employees who recruit from the inside, so everyone can visualize growth at your organization. 
  • Make it simple for employees to share your communications, advertisements, job openings and other branding materials.

John Andersson, Owner & Founder of A-Hub

“How do you think the emergence of new digital platforms will affect the craft behind recruitment? And how will it affect human relationships in the future? There are some groupings where one side claims that everything will be even more automated and digitized, and the other claim that relationships and human interaction will become increasingly important. What are your thoughts?” 

  • These two ideals (human interaction and increased digitization/ automation) are not mutually exclusive. Both dynamics will be equally important moving forward. When you use automation in recruitment, especially at the beginning of the process, you will have more time for human interaction. And you’ll have already selected those candidates to interact with based on completely unbiased criteria. 

Shubham Tripathi, Senior Human Resources Manager, Zee Media Corporation Limited 

“What is the best way to ensure talent diversity?”

  • Take your time when crafting new job postings. Don’t just hit copy/paste, or you’ll attract the exact same person who left the role. Don’t just think about culture fit, think about culture add. What kind of personal characteristics are you missing in your company? Can you use your openings to fill those gaps? Use recruiting as a strategic time to construct your ideal culture through careful analysis. 
  • Are you representing women or minority groups in your recruitment communications? Are you mirroring your organization through your recruitment efforts? If so, what does that picture look like? Is it mostly men? Take a good look, start from within, and highlight your own people to make others feel like they want to be a part of your culture. 
  • Tap into social media recruitment marketing and social media job advertising to remove bias from your hiring process from the start. 

Annika Bagge, Recruitment Marketing Manager, Invise

“Are you seeing any differences in the candidate journey VS the customer journey? What do you need to do differently?”

  • There are several similarities, and more similarities than differences. It’s all about creating a mutual connection, matching from both sides, and applying a human touch to the process. 
  • Tread lightly with your outbound strategy. Not all of these candidates want to be contacted, and being known as an over-the-top cold caller can tarnish your employee brand. 
  • Every candidate touchpoint should bring value to the candidate experience. Every ad, white paper, report, message or moment of outreach should nurture the candidate through the process. 

Talentech’s Top Two Takeaways

  1. Don’t assume. Ask. Build your brand on your employee’s opinions and what is unique for you. There’s always a unique selling point for your organization and a reason why candidates would love to work there! 

  2. If you feel like you have to create a “fake” image of yourself on social media or in other interactions with candidates, there’s probably something missing in your organization in the first place. Fix that first. Remember: it all goes back to starting from the inside. 

Maximize Your TA Efforts so Candidates can CONNECT

Finding great talent is something any organization can accomplish. But seducing your dream candidates into making lasting connections takes a different kind of TA touch. 

To learn more about how to get candidates to stop scrolling and start connecting, tune into Adway and Talentech’s May 19th webinar, “How to Maximize Your TA Efforts.”