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Adway Live: Mega Trends In Talent Acquisition With Hung Lee

Adway Live: Mega Trends In Talent Acquisition With Hung Lee

Adway Live: Mega Trends In Talent Acquisition With Hung Lee

On Wednesday, 22nd June we had another fantastic episode of Adway Live. This time featuring the effervescent recruitment guru and editor of industry newsletter Recruiting Brainfood, Hung Lee speaking with Adway’s very own Head of Brand and Community, Sara Dalsfelt.

Everyone was super excited to have Hung on the show. His insight and industry knowledge are exceptional, and it seems our audience were just as keen to hear what he had to say. We had hundreds of people watching live and engaging – so thank you to everybody who joined in and submitted questions.

Everyone wants to know the latest and greatest trends that are shaping the world of talent acquisition and Hung is just the man to tell us, and he most certainly did!

Hung’s key trends to watch out for are:

  • Remote working is here to stay
  • We need new metaphors in recruiting
  • Inclusion needs to span generational differences too
  • We need to break free from bandings
  • Get used to video interviewing!

If you’re ready to read the full summary you can download it now right here, but if you’re just after a quick overview of the main talking points and key takeaways, keep scrolling!


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Whenever we get a special guest on – and especially one with as much insight as Hung – we like to get their tips, tricks and industry secrets to the exciting world of TA and how you can beat the crowd, drown out the noise and find that all-important talent you need.

Hung’s top tips for TA professionals:

  1. TAs need to become experts in different models of working
    It might have seemed that we were headed to a simple binary model with just two ways of working – in-office and/or remote. Instead, there are many new models for what the future of work will look like, and TA needs to be able to offer advice and direction on all of them. This means flexibility in how you present the benefits and drawbacks of each, staying on your toes and finding the best way to navigate a complex working landscape in the future.  
  2. The era of global remote work is over
    The idea of logging into your email account from anywhere in the world – probably sunnier climes though – was very enticing for a while. It offered the opportunity to target different candidate audiences and leverage cultural differences and variances in employer branding. However, geopolitical strain and increasing compliance, privacy and governance issues have put a few spanners in the works of working from anywhere, but boy was it nice while it lasted! The future will still allow for companies to tap into new talent pools but only within friendly countries and circumstances.
  3. Network quantity over quality!
    Sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel and you need to go back to the basics. Recruiters are only as strong as their networks and strength comes in numbers. More connections mean you’ll access information quickly and be able to push out information more effectively. Focus on quantity first then the quality will come.


Thank you Hung for your incredible insights into the current state of TA and the future!

If you want to read more about what Hung had to say as well as his answers to some of our audience questions download the full summary now.


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